We’re a bit obsessed with what we do! A bit fixated on creativity and great attention to detail. To us, each request is a challenge – and challenges are what drive us the most. We take on each project with fresh zeal and zest. We work tirelessly and deliver experiences that will resonate with you for a long time. You are sure to have plenty of stories to tell that will keep you at the centre of attention of any conversation.


At Purple Feather Tree, we like to play your superhero in disguise – with ideas like the Joker’s, and the strength of Batman. Combining our passion with expertise creates a cocktail of a unique, engaging and truly memorable experience!


We’re your modern-day superhero, a fairy godmother, a wish-granting factory. Might sound a little too exaggerated, but we love putting it this way. And trust us, it’s a lot of fun doing what we do – leaving you surprised and awestruck with our work, and keeping you coming back for more.