At Purple Feather Tree we organize unique experiences in London, tailor made for our clients. We are in the business of providing: “Two things only the people anxiously desire — bread and circuses.”, as professed by a Roman writer. Of course, today ‘bread and circuses’ is as varied as your imagination allows; and we’ve got imagination and then some.


We are not here to make your dreams come true, no! We are here to introduce you to something new, something exciting, something just a little bit different. You may like it, you may not but you’ll definitely remember it. If you like variety then we might even become friends because you’ll want more and more of what we do – each time a different experience or have a repeat, of what you’ve loved. That’s the beauty of bespoke packages. In short, it’s never boring with us!


We are passionate about one thing in particular: turning moments into memories. And this is what we do best and excel at.


What to do next: Contact us to let us know 1) how many people you need the experience for and a bit about your group, 2) time frame: is it for a full day, half a day or specific hours and 3) your likes/dislikes: Is it art? Philosophy? Classic French cuisine? Literature? Etc. We’ll start to brainstorm and draft an experience for you straight away.


We do not have ready made packages, everything is custom tailored to suit you. London is a great place and we like to take full advantage of that. The experience can be anything from a dinner with guest appearances/performances, to a London night tour with a twist, or quizzes, games and drinks etc. We offer two different alternatives with a short teaser of what’s in store (we’d like to keep it a surprise even if you are paying) and you tell us, which one you’d like to book. It’s that simple.


That’s a lot about us. And now, let’s talk about you.